I am happy to say I have been a member of Mt. Sinai Church since 2005. Being a member of Mt Sinai Church has been one of the most rewarding, and truly a life-changing experience for me in the most positive, spiritually uplifting and extraordinary way. 

Mt Sinai is one great big family standing together in unity, love, and support to one another, standing together for the purpose of Gods will for our lives.

How do we do this? I am glad you asked! Worshiping and praising God, working together in ministries, fulfilling visions and missions goals for the purpose in which the foundation of the church has been built with goals of saving souls, reaching beyond its members out into the communities and abroad touching, changing and blessings many lives.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in some of the ministries; such as Vacation Bible School, The Prayer Ministries, and currently the Media. It is truly a blessing and honor to serve in areas that help make a difference touching the lives of others.

Currently, I am experiencing a challenge with regards to my commitment to a ministry, as I am now a full-time caregiver since 2015 for my 82-year-old Uncle 24/7 even with help, you still have to oversee that things are being done accordingly. We're talking about a life, not a rag doll, a loved one, a human a family member, one who still wakes up looking you in the eyes smiling and calling your name, and depending on you for everything, as does a newborn child, but in a very different way. Needless to say, as we continue to age, the constant of facing change is also happening too, and the closer the time comes considering decisions and choices get harder and harder.

In my daily ritual of the caring for my Uncle, I still have to attain working every chance I can in order to sustain myself for my future their still a lot of life left for me to live, God will it.  So for the most part! I am forever in my head creating work for myself and taking advantage of any free time seeking honesty and observing the protocols carefully regarding every opportunity presented me, in areas of my abled ability. I have been blessed still.

Through it, all God has been so good to me, and the spirit of God has been my guide, my strength, and my refuge. I have never prayed so much and so hard before in my life and having done so, I have seen the mighty works of God's hands in ways I never imagined I would. I am truly thankful. 

I can go on and on about how God has blessed me, but I won't, I'll just say to anyone who has never given themselves a chance at believing Christ who died, so that we may live, trust it will change your life and you will be able to truly learn to live your best life.

I shared the video and this info with you with hopes that you will lean on the promise of God. Because God is real and he cares for you, loves you and wants to bless you.