Celebrate Peace

Celebrate peace for it is nourishing to our body, mind, and soul.

Celebrate peace for it wins wars.

Celebrate peace for it shields, protects and mends our hearts.

Celebrate peace for it is the freedom from self-persecution.

Celebrate peace for it is a surrender to truth.

Celebrate peace for it is healing.

Celebrate peace because it sustains and restores our strength.

Celebrate peace because it is quiet and calm.

Celebrate peace because of its comforting.

Celebrate peace because it keeps us at peace.

Celebrate peace for it is free from scorn.

Celebrate peace because it helps us to hear the voice of God.

Celebrate peace for it is a gift from God.

Celebrate the peace in life for it is God.

Celebrate peace for it is eternal.

Celebrate peace for it resides in you!

By Madelyn Commodore February 2017

This Chair

 This chair is for me and this chair is for you.

Our Cups are filled but will not spill.

The reflection in your cup is you and the reflection in my cup is me.

We see ripples and we smell the sweet nectar.

We sip, we smile, we sip, we cry, we sip, we pray, we rejoice.

We sip and toast to life.

Conversation over tea brings the pleasure of a friend.

A moment of laughter is a comfort we share.

It soothes our disappointments and any sorrows we bare.

Just a little time, a moment to spare, an expression of love

is how we show that we care.

I welcome grandmothers, mothers, sister and girlfriends too.

How about a cup of tea?

This chair is for you.

 Written by Madelyn D. Commodore

I am one with nature

Acrylic painting on canvas by Madelyn Commodore

I am from the earth dust and the earth dust is where I will return.

I am the morning light that awakens the flowers that bloom.

I am the life of the flower that rise and blooms.

I am stimulated by energy emitted from the rays of the sunshine.

I am the song the birds sing in the morning.

I am blessed.

I am an awakened soul.

I am the day that gives and gives as swiftly as the clouds move in the sky.

I am the glory of the sunset that begins to unfold like a flower.

I am the rest that befalls me as I surrender to the end of my day.

I am the beauty of the moonlight and the twinkle of the star that glistens in the night.

I am the peace that rejuvenates my soul.

I am the voice of the whisper in my dream.

I am I that I am because of my maker. I am not my own.

I am here for only a little while.

I am one with nature.

I am created by God and I am his.

I am hummbled

Everything seems to be so complicated, but it’s not.

I am humbled.

The mysteries of life create in us many wonders.

I am humbled.

The never ending learning is so vast.

And the teachers are with blemish and imperfections just the same

I am humbled.

The lines are long, anger rises but the wait is necessary.

I am humbled.

The young and the old reminds us of how quickly life and death come and go.

I am humbled.

Everyone has dreams and desires.

Our efforts and endurance produce results.

I am humbled.

The power in the strength of our lives isn’t ours.

I am humbled.

Every day requires a surrender to truth.

I am humbled.

Our submission heals and mends the wounds, and it is a complement to our soul, love, gratitude and thanksgiving for life.

If you are one with the spirit it humbles you.

Compel yourselves.