"She Is Love" A Reflective Journal for Women

For women, young ladies and girls. Taking the time to love ourselves, reflecting, meditating and praying. Love defines the beauty of a woman, not hair, makeup.

Current projects on hold do to caregiving responsibilities.

 Stay tuned!  Remember. Deferred hope makes the heart sick. Keep the faith.


  • A TV Commercial Actress

    Madelyn is a TV Commercial Actress since 2007. She took a leave of absence from the entertainment arena for a while to experience other endeavors, dreams and goals. And lo and behold! The transitioning and the results thereof, have lead her back to the entertainment industry, returning in 2014.

    In addition to her TV Commercial Acting she does Commercial Print work. Her recent credits for 2016 include; Paper and Packaging TV Commercial, and a print job for Agmen.

    Periodically she does talent consulting with persons who have an interest breaking into the entertainment business of acting and modeling. She has 29 years of professional hands on experience, working as a Talent Agent, representing Models and actors. She was also an Agency owner for a short while, in the 90's "The Commodore Agency". She also had the opportunity of working with Chaz Dean as a WEN hair care, body, and home product promoter, for the style lounge events held at Chaz Dean Studios.

  • A Voice Over Actress

    Her voice-over credits include, voice-over for Miss Mac Children Puppet Shows. Character voice-over for Pee Wee & Bubba, Officer Bill, Skitto the Laughing Monkey, Zoe and Damien, Little Moon, Professor Limpkin, Mr. Bauch, Fruitman, Kylah and Grandma Sookie, and many more.

    Her recent credits include Christmas At Bonnie B Bakery. Dec. 2015 in Inglewood CA.

    March 9, 2016 she booked and recorded a voice-over job for a major company based in Marina Del Rey CA.

    The company is preparing to launch this year 2017, and will be an International company. At this time, underwriting, and signed consents require that the company name is to remain anonymous and is TBA. Until then, keep your ears and eyes open.

    I may be granted a contract to be the voice of the company. After the completion my voice- over recording, I was asked if I would be interested.

    And what do you think I said?

    Please keep your prayers going up for this great opportunity to come into fruition. Thank you.

  • A Multi Talented Artist With Many Skills

    Other skills include, gardening, nature photography, wood working, drawing, painting, handmade greetings cards, magnets, etc. Madelyn loves creating and making things with her hands.

    She writes scripts, performance skits and songs for children's puppet shows. Story telling. She also likes writing gospel lyrics and songs, short stories and poems.

    Oh! just wait! I am not done yet!

    Madelyn enjoys, casting, and have done a few for independent film producers/production companies. She has two under her belt thus far.

    Madelyn is also has experiences as a professional organizer, has done selective cleaning, and decorating in homes, but she doesn't really extend herself in this service as much as she does the others.

    She's very selective when it comes to doing it for people outside of her repeating clients and referral base.

    Madelyn's hobbies are, reading, museums, art galleries, botanical and regular gardens and movies. She appreciates all music, but especially gravitates towards gospel, jazz , blues, classical, oldies but goodies, and Latin.

    Other hobbies are walking, aerobics, yoga, billiards, flying kites, fishing, bowling, softball, bike-riding, tennis, the beach and hiking.

    Madelyn also has a deep passion and love for animals, especially dogs. Grew up with dogs all her life. She believe dogs are to be treated well, and not left and caged and chained up, walked, played with and feed and cleaned up after more often than not. She use to be a dog sitter and walker. And loved it, with the right owners.

    Recently blessed with a piano, Madelyn is now teaching herself how to play. Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti Do! Teh heh heh!