Madelyn Commodore

Born in Cook County Hospital, Chicago Illinois, moved to California in 1969, was raised in Pasadena California, and now resides in Inglewood, CA. After graduating from high school and entering the world to pursue a career in modeling and acting, she began to see the headway into a future that would be of lessons, lessons, and more lessons, and the beauty of becoming full and whole, happy and rejoiceful.

A model first, a talent agent second, personal manager, and talent consultant. Currently, Madelyn is a caregiver for her 85-year-old uncle, and is a working TV commercial actress, animated character, and commercial voice-over actress, is a talent consultant for those interested in the entertainment business of TV Commercial acting and modeling. She does puppetry, is a storyteller, script, poetry, and songwriter for all ages, creator of skits, plays and puppet shows, and enjoy's entertaining. 

Prior to the care of her Uncle, she has frequently participated in the Fred Jordon mission downtown Los Angeles, CA, as a food server during Thanksgiving, volunteering to help with feeding the homeless. 

Through her many life experiences and the enriching interaction with people of all walks of life, led her to discover she actually possessed highly an artistic, expressive and magnetic personality, and only desires to use it for the purpose of doing good by using her many skills and talents contributing to the world in a positive way to making a difference.

A pivotal point in her life, at the age of 44, was when she joined Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, (, where she received spiritual guidance, love, support and inspiration to more fully develop and become the confident, and the joyous woman she was meant to be. Granted the opportunity to participate in ministries at her church are the VCBS, Prayer ministry, Decorating, and Clothing giveaway ministry groups. 

Madelyn, has always enjoyed the gift of creating, drawing, writing, decorating, and very much appreciates nature and loves gardening, it was not until she began taking photographs in her own garden for past seven years, almost on a daily basis, from the accumulation of so many beautiful nature photos she decided she wanted to share her nature photographs, and create an inspirational book titled "She Is Love" A Reflective Journal for Women. Published March 28, 2016, continuously she strives in her effort to bring recognition to her book, pounding the pavement vigorously with the desire and goal to get her book into the hands of many women and girls across the globe.  

Upon enjoying the flowers and plants, praying, meditating, sitting and reading and taking refuge in the garden, relaxing, sharing with friends and family, talking, having coffee, tea or a glass of wine, she found that it rejuvenates her heart, spirit, and soul. A place that presumes to be for her a mini paradise.

Her desire is to share her realization that God blesses us and gives his love through the glory and life nature gives, and through the love and blessings of people, circustances, life chanllenges and are given to us daily through the universe as a whole, her goal and hope for others she is blessed to come into contact along the path of her journey, is that her friendship and love helps to guide them to find the comfort and peace of life within, allowing him or her moments that offer a quiet time for them to reflect with or without her book, but through the Holy Spirit of God, with God. 


  • The book "She Is Love" A Reflective Journal for Women.

    Have you ever taken the time to journal, or write down your thoughts and feeling or goals. Well, my book can help you get started, my book leads and guide you to the process, but with anything you want to happen or change you much take the first step, in order to attain a result.

  • The book She Is Love is not a complicated read at all, it was written with the goal of inspiring, encouraging, and leading readers of all ages towards the process of reflecting and journaling.
    Accompanied and influenced by visuals of nature’s extraordinary beauty, and filled with loving words of inspiration, scripture and prayer.
    The nature photographs included add additional inspiration and beauty, a soothing nature that remind us of the amazing power of the hands of God.

  • Change can happen for you with a pen.

    My book will help you
    develop a strong connection to yourself, nature , to others and ultimately with God.

    The ability to go deep within, starts with a mindset of discipline and focus.

    The goal of reflecting, mediating and praying leads to a place of surrendering all.

    Enjoy the process, make it happen, be the force that drive you toward and in your life purpose. Be true to yourself.

  • From me to you! Be encouraged.

    You are extraordinary, strong, beautiful, unique, generous, deserving, and lovable.

  • A love for taking pictures.

    No! I have never claimed to be a professional photographer. But, what I do claim to be, is a woman who appreciates, and just loves taking pictures of nature. It's comforting to my soul, and It feels like I am painting, but with the exception of using paint and a paint brush, and painting with my eyes. Through the mighty works of God's creation, a vast amount of extraordinary and beautiful colors are available for us to enjoy, and oh! What a joy it is!

  • The joy and pleasure of writing.

    Every thought counts when writing. Thoughtfulness is part of the process that helps you bring it all together, from the creative to the structure, and free expression of your point of view, will begin to flow as you, the writer begin to bring it into fruition.

    If you're not careful you can get caught up in trying to perfect what you are not able without a solid foundation to build from. You don't want to beat yourself up too much before the editing process. This is why we have professional editors and proofreaders to help assist us in areas we may need to help clean and refine our books or writings.

    Everything is an idea before it becomes a reality, and when produced by a team, the results can be extraordinary. And one must remember how important it is in all things, a good team of trust worthy people working honestly and productively will produce positive results. When we put our best efforts forward the results speak for it self. And everyone who has taken part, is to be applauded. Be forever faithful and diligent in Your work. God will do the rest. Trust and believe. I did!